Why buy from us?

We have agent company which have more than 7 years experience in machine industry especially Outboart Engine / Outboard Motors . already more than 5 years we do cooperation with outboard distributor from various country like japan and usa. all the outboard we sell to you directly we take from them and sell back to you. in this business we are able to provide an affordable price, this is our advantage over this, because we are directly in touch with other outboard companies.

How does our business model work?

a little we explain below, how the business works that we run now.


Are all the products on your website available on sale?  All the Outboard Motors on the website are available on sale, we will remove the product if the quantity does not exist.

Does all machines have official warranty ? All the Outboard Motors we sell have an international warranty issued by brands/ Manufactures. Warranty valid for 3-5 years depending on the outboard brands we also provide a 90 day warranty if the outboards you receive is damaged, or lost in the shipping process,

Can i buy more than 1 unit ? we only accept maximum purchase 6 units for international order.

What is the shipping price to my country?  Estimated delivery will take around 20-25 working days from the date of your order. the duration of all countries is the same. and we guarantee the time will not be more than what we set above. For new customers, we provide free shipping and duty taxes. this only applies to new customers. If you make a repurchase the fee will be calculated automatically by the system.

What if I receive a broken Engines ? In this business we give priority to your comfort as our loyal customers. we take full responsibility if you have any problems. we provide a 100 % money back guarantee if it happens. Contact us immediately to redeem with your new unit or refund.

Our outboards Warranty :

Suzuki  Outboards 3 Years International Warranty

Honda  Outboards 5 Years International Warranty

Tohatsu Outboards 5 Years International Warranty

Mercury Outboards 5 Years International Warranty

Yamaha Outboards 5 Years International Warranty

Evinrude Outboards 3 Years International Warranty

We supply 90 days return policy if you are not satisfied with the goods you buy. Such as examples: Engine are not  original, engine are damaged, Get wrong size, Wrong color and others. We are responsible with all this.

What is the advantage if buy from us? We give you some free accessories and we provide free duty tax for worldwide shipping.

1X Fuel Tank Depending on outboard type
1X Quick Connect Fuel Line
1X Aluminum Propeller Depending on outboard type
1X Owner’s Manual & Tool Kit
1X  International Warranty Card 3-5 Years from Manufactures
1X Garmin eTrex Touch 35 Handheld GPS with World Basemap
3X Gall Engine Oil Depending on outboard type
1X Steiner Navigator Pro 7 x 30 Binoculars with Compass
1X Ebook How to install

This promotion is only valid for purchasing outboards from brand suzuki, honda, mercury, yamaha, tohatsu, if you buy another type, you still give us free GPS and Binucular. We also provide discount and Free duty tax for worldwide shipment.

Here at https://www.outboardenginesale.com We’re friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. Please feel free to ask  if you have any questions regarding an order, shipping, products and returns.

We offer a variety of contact methods; you can e-mail us or utilize our interactive chat. If you are trying to track your package, please ask us.

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